About Us

Since 2014, Spernak & Son, LLC has experienced significant growth and maintains our core values. We have gained recognition among the public and our clients. Despite the challenges faced by small local contractors, Spernak has managed to flourish.

Spernak is built on respect as a team, enduring the difficult times and the good times. As the years have passed, these deeply rooted values have been the driving force behind Spernak's continued success as Anchorage rapidly progresses.

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The quality of our projects is greatly enhanced by perseverance and dedication. Spernak has established numerous valued relationships that stand as a testament to our commitment and promise. Our standards are outstanding, as demonstrated by our past projects and client testimonials.


It starts with the owner and their vision. Spernak has built trust within Anchorage and surrounding areas, we continue to better the community. With the help of our long-lasting relationships between Spernak and Subcontractors, we have been able to put our heads together to collectively value engineer projects to give our customers the best possible result!



Spernak is known as a small local general contractor with a great safety record. Which has been accomplished by going the extra mile with safety. Our team is trained and certified in various scenarios and backed with an extensive and implemented safety plan to keep our workers and the public safe. We continue to strengthen our safety policies as we adapt to every job.


A company built on trust is a foundation for success. Spernak continues to build on that foundation and rises up in the community as a known reliable Contractor you can depend on. Spernak is on the front line transforming the local community.

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